We think you can tell a lot about a company by its leadership. Our executive search practice is led by our President, Peggie Koenig, an industry leader in the areas of strategy and executive search. 

Peggie Koenig is well known for her thoughtful counsel to boards and senior executives. A leader herself, she established Koenig and Associates in 1994 and grew it into one of the largest boutique HR firms in western Canada. She has successfully led executive search for over 20 years and brings a complete understanding of business objectives at the strategic, cultural and tactical level to C-suite recruitment. 


what makes us different

Your search will be managed by one of our leaders. 

When recruiting senior talent we find it's crucial that the candidates engage with a peer. Desirable talent can be alienated if they are contacted by a less experienced recruiter who does not possess the requisite knowledge of the role and area of expertise. One of our partners will manage the entire search, start to finish. 

We search comfortably in our own backyard… and on another continent. 

With over thirty years of combined experience in North America and western Europe, our leadership team has established a business network that extends across the globe. 

Our pool of candidates is deep and broad. 

Our support team constantly researches organizations and their people, reviews data gathered from numerous professional networking sites and reads the leading business publications. This information helps us identify and connect with the stars in your industry. Typically, the stars are happy in their current positions, but they may be interested in a new opportunity, presented confidentially.

You’re only as good as the people you hire.
— Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's, 1902- 1984.

What We've Achieved

  • Executives are confident working with us.  We align leadership needs with organizational goals and we dig deep.  We set them up for success.
  • Certified and professional people with certifications in executive search and leadership consulting from Cornell University, executive coaching from Fielding Graduate University, and the CMC (FCMC) designation from the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.
  • Elevated over 1,000 organizations through strategic leadership advisory and executive search. 
  •  Valued for not being “just recruiters” but as a seasoned resource and business partner with over 22 years of experience in leadership and organizational effectiveness.
  • Trusted by boards of directors to understand the company’s vision and business to support executive succession planning and performance review.
  • Known for targeting and sourcing ivy league leaders from around the globe to fill c-suite positions in Western Canada.