Our support team constantly researches organizations and their people, reviews data gathered from numerous professional networking sites and reads the leading business publications. This information helps us identify and connect with the stars in your industry. Typically, the stars are happy in their current positions, but they may be interested in a new opportunity, presented confidentially.


1. The people you want aren't responding to your ads.

Many of the best candidates are already employed. They won't respond to an ad regardless of where it's placed because they aren't looking. InTell can reach out to these “passive” candidates and introduce the opportunity. 

2. You've been looking for longer than three months.

While a national search might take longer than three months, generally if you've been looking for more than three months and have no good prospects in the queue, your search will benefit from a new strategy. One of our partners will work with you to identify the problem and to put a new approach in place.

3. You're looking for an exceptional level of experience and knowledge.

The higher the level of experience and knowledge, the smaller the pool of qualified candidates and the more difficult the search. InTell also has the experience to understand your organizational culture and the required technical skills, competencies and leadership skills needed to succeed in the position. Using that background we can qualify, screen, interview and reference the right candidates.

4. Your search would benefit from confidentiality.

Some candidates may be reluctant to reply to a search led directly by your company because they risk damaging the relationship with their existing employer. They will feel more comfortable responding in confidence to InTell. As well, if your search is part of the succession of a senior leader, you may prefer a confidential search to maintain stakeholder confidence during the transition. 

5. You rarely conduct an executive search. 

If you rarely undertake an executive search, you will benefit from InTell's skill, network and ability to source candidates. We have the experience to develop the recruitment strategy, define the criteria for selection, exercise judgment in selection and lead the negotiations.

InTell Executive Search International follows the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines for the Association of Executive Search Consultants (www.aesc.org)